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dusk till dawn fishing. start fishing by sunrise

What to expect during the day of fishing ?

Embarking on a fishing adventure, we seek to begin our journey just before the first light of dawn, capturing the magic that precedes a day on the water—a perfect overture to what promises to be an extraordinary experience. In the realm of fishing, diversity is our guiding principle.


We understand that each angler has unique preferences, and our aim is to tailor the day according to your wishes. There's no one-size-fits-all approach; instead, we adapt to your desires.

Our ultimate destination, weather permitting, is the grandeur of the largest lake the Netherlands boasts—the majestic Ijsselmeer. Stretching expansively, it beckons with the promise of big adventures and record-breaking catches.

However, nature, in its unpredictable beauty, sometimes demands a change in plans. If the wind asserts its dominance, we seamlessly transition to an alternative, perhaps the meandering currents of the Ijssel river or the charm of other freshwater lakes scattered throughout the Netherlands.


Flexibility is the key to a successful day, ensuring that every moment is tailored to the elements and your desires.


Rods & Lures

As a Westin-fishing pro team member, we have all kinds of different rods and lures on board to use for any situation or technique

High-end digital equipment

2 x Garmin 122 sc ECHOMAP

Garmin GT56UHD-TM



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fishing guide in the netherlands sailing on the ijsselmeer

The Boat

18 ft. Consoleboat with 60hp Suzuki

Minkotta Riptide frontroller

2x Garmin 122 sv ECHOMAP

Panoptix Livescope LVS32

Greetings, I'm Patrick van der Wal, a name that resonates with the coastal essence and echoes the spirit of Aquarius.

I extend a warm invitation to join me for an enlightening and enjoyable day of fishing.

My journey into the world of angling began in the embrace of a family boat during my early years. Over time, this initial spark evolved into a fervent passion, shaping me into a versatile angler exploring the nuances of both the smaller gems and the grandest lakes that adorn the Netherlands.

My pursuit revolves around the quest for the largest perch, zander, and pike, employing an array of techniques to conquer these aquatic challenges. Whether it's finesse, jerkbaits, twitchbaits, or the artful dance of fly fishing, my expertise encompasses the full spectrum.


Your desires become the compass for our day on the water—express them, and I'll gladly curate an experience that blends enjoyment with education, guiding you to the very spot where personal records are destined to be shattered.

fishing for pike by sunrise. casting for hours waiting for that one strike. but how to catch a pike?

Your fishing guide

What does a fishing day looks like?

Just before sunrise, we meet at the ramp. A fishing day lasts 8 hours and that is of course completely according to the wishes of the customer. Together we determine which predatory fish we are going to attack and which techniques we want to use. When making our battle plan, we naturally also take into account the expected weather conditions for that day.

Which fish can we catch?

We only fish for predator fish, with a specific focus on pike, zander,perch, seabass or sea trout whether or not combined. Other predatory fish that end up in the boat are asp or catfish.

What should I bring with me?

A packed lunch and something to drink and clothing that matches the weather!

That means in winter: lots of layers to keep yourself warm. And in the summer, short sleeves and shorts seem nice, but keep in mind that we have no shade in the boat, which means you burn very quickly. If there is also a breeze on the water, you don't even feel that you are burned; at least, you can feel it, but only when it is too late. I therefore always recommend long pants, long sleeves, a cap, and lots of sunscreens!

And last but not least: for every season, a rain suit that you can put on over your clothes, even when no rain is predicted. Why will you ask? In the areas where we fish, it can often be windy and when the wind is a bit oblique on the boat you can really get soaked with the spray (water that hits the boat while sailing). Bringing a rain suit is therefore ALWAYS recommended.

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