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Dusk till Dawn Fishing Experience

Never stop the chase

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Fishing guide

The options are endless:

Express your wishes and we will be happy to take you for a fun and educational day to the place

where personal records are crushed.

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What Makes Us Special

Hidden Gem Destinations

If the weather allows us, we'll go for the BIGGEST lake the Netherlands has to offer!

All video's

All video's

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Welcome to Friesland. The province with a never-ending water system and

6 great lakes.


Scott Lowe

William Hoekstra

Jody and Tom Larson

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From now on I know better where to find fish on small and large water

It was an educational day. We tried different techniques to catch big bass and we succeeded!

It was a day never to be forgotten. Caught my trophy PR fish twice on this amazing day on the water.

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