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fishing guide in the netherlands holding a pike and explaining to a client


What started out as a hobby escalated pretty quickly into a lifestyle. An urge to be on the water.
Searching for the biggest and most unique specimen out there.
Once we found them the fun can begin!

From an early age already in the boat, fishing with the family, and now grown into a fanatical all-round angler on all the river systems and the biggest lake the Netherlands has to offer.
In 2020 Patrick joined the Westin-fishing Pro team and fishing again became more serious.
Chasing the largest Perch, Zander, and Pikes by means of various techniques.
Finesse, Jerkbaits, Twitchbaits, or fishing with a fly. 

The options are endless:
Express your wishes and Patrick will be happy to take you for a fun and educational day at the place
where personal records are crushed.



Where to fish in the netherlands ?

The Netherlands offers a plethora of excellent fishing locations for predators like pike, perch, and zander. Here are some popular spots across the country:

  1. Ijsselmeer: The largest lake in the Netherlands, Ijsselmeer is renowned for its diverse predator fish. Its expansive waters provide ample opportunities to catch pike, perch, and zander. Many anglers prefer the coastal areas and shallow bays for exciting predator action.

  2. Haringvliet: Located in the southwest of the Netherlands, Haringvliet is a brackish water estuary that connects to the North Sea. This area is known for its healthy population of pike and zander, offering excellent fishing opportunities.

  3. Loosdrechtse Plassen: This network of lakes near Amsterdam is popular for predator fishing. The interconnected waterways provide a variety of habitats for pike, perch, and zander. The intricate structure of the lakes makes it an exciting challenge for anglers.

  4. Biesbosch: A vast freshwater tidal area with numerous channels and creeks, Biesbosch is known for its rich biodiversity. Anglers can find pike, perch, and zander in its waters. The maze-like structure of the area adds an adventurous touch to the fishing experience.

  5. Randmeren: The Randmeren, including lakes such as Veluwemeer and Wolderwijd, are situated in the central part of the Netherlands. These lakes are well-known for their predator fish populations, making them popular among anglers seeking pike, perch, and zander.

  6. Amsterdam Canals: The historic canals of Amsterdam also offer surprisingly good predator fishing. While space can be limited, especially in the city center, the canals are home to pike and perch. Urban fishing in Amsterdam provides a unique experience against a backdrop of iconic architecture.

  7. Maas River: The Maas River and its tributaries, such as the Bergsche Maas, offer opportunities for predator fishing. These flowing waters are known for their pike, perch, and zander populations.

Remember to check local regulations, obtain the necessary permits, and respect any specific rules for the areas you plan to fish. Additionally, consider hiring a local guide who can provide valuable insights and enhance your predator fishing experience in the Netherlands.

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