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predator fishing in friesland

Predator fishing guide in Friesland

Welcome to Friesland. The province with a never-ending water system and 6 great lakes.

Friesland is a province in the northern part of the Netherlands, known for its picturesque landscapes, waterways, and outdoor activities. Predator fishing, particularly for pike and perch, is popular in the region due to its extensive network of lakes, rivers, and canals.

  1. Pike Fishing: Pike are a prominent predators in Friesland's waters. Anglers often target them using various techniques such as casting with lures, trolling, or deadbait fishing. The Frisian lakes, including the Sneekermeer and Tjeukemeer, are known for harboring healthy populations of pike. Spring and autumn are typically good seasons for pike fishing.

  2. Perch Fishing: Perch are another popular target for predator anglers in Friesland. They are often found near structures like underwater vegetation, piers, and submerged rocks. Light tackle with small lures or live bait can be effective for catching perch. The summer months are generally productive for perch fishing.

  3. Equipment: Anglers in Friesland often use a variety of fishing equipment for predator fishing. This includes spinning rods and reels, as well as different types of lures such as soft plastics, jerkbaits, and spinnerbaits. Additionally, some anglers use live or dead bait, like roach or small fish, to target larger predators like pike.

  4. Fishing Regulations: It's important for anglers to be aware of and adhere to local fishing regulations. These regulations may include catch limits, size restrictions, and specific rules for certain bodies of water. Checking with local authorities or fishing associations will provide up-to-date information on regulations.

  5. Guided Tours and Events: For those unfamiliar with the area or looking for a more guided experience, there are often guided fishing tours and events available in Friesland. Local guides can provide valuable insights into the best fishing spots, techniques, and help ensure a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.


Before planning a fishing trip to Friesland or any other location, it's advisable to check for any updates on regulations, seasons, and local guidelines. Additionally, respecting the environment and practicing sustainable fishing is crucial to preserving the natural beauty of the region for future generations.

Friesland is known for its numerous lakes, making it a popular destination for water-related activities. Some of the major lakes in Friesland include:

  1. IJsselmeer: While technically a large inland sea, the IJsselmeer is connected to Friesland and is a significant water body in the region. It used to be the Zuiderzee before the construction of the Afsluitdijk. The IJsselmeer offers ample opportunities for sailing, windsurfing, and fishing.

  2. Sneekermeer: Located near the city of Sneek, the Sneekermeer is one of the larger lakes in Friesland. It is a popular destination for boating, sailing, and water sports. The Sneekweek, a famous annual sailing event, takes place on this lake.

  3. Tjeukemeer: This lake is situated in the southwestern part of Friesland and is one of the larger lakes in the province. Tjeukemeer is known for its diverse flora and fauna, and it offers opportunities for fishing and water recreation.

  4. Lauwersmeer: While partially in Friesland and partially in the province of Groningen, the Lauwersmeer is a significant freshwater lake. It was created by the closure of the Lauwerszee in 1969. The area around Lauwersmeer is now a national park and is known for its natural beauty and birdwatching.

  5. Heegermeer and Fluessen: These two lakes are interconnected and situated in the southwestern part of Friesland. They are popular for sailing, windsurfing, and other water sports. The villages of Heeg and Elahuizen are located near these lakes.

  6. Slotermeer: Located in the Gaasterland region of Friesland, Slotermeer is known for its scenic surroundings. It's a popular destination for boating and fishing.

These lakes contribute to Friesland's reputation as a water-rich province with diverse opportunities for outdoor activities, including fishing, sailing, and water sports. Each lake has its unique characteristics, and they collectively add to the natural beauty of the region.

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