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Flyfishing guide netherlands

Fly fishing guide in the Netherlands

Welcome to the enchanting world of fly fishing in the Netherlands, where every cast is a dance between the angler and the diverse aquatic treasures that grace these waters.

flyfish guide netherlands
flyfishing netherlands predator fish pike

Meet our experienced and passionate fly fishing guide, Patrick van der Wal, who has mastered the art of the fly rod and invites you to a unique adventure on Dutch waters.

With a profound love for the tranquility that water brings, Patrick has honed his skills as a fly fishing guide, specializing in capturing the heart-pounding moments of hooking seabass, the elusive sea trout, the aggressive pike, zander, perch, and the ever-cunning carp.

Seabass and Sea Trout: Feel the exhilaration as your fly dances on the surface, tempting the shimmering seabass or the sleek sea trout.
Patrick's expertise takes you to prime locations along the Dutch coast, where these silver-scaled warriors await your challenge.


Pike, Zander, and Perch: Venture into the freshwater realms with Patrick as your guide, chasing the predatory trio of pike, zander, and perch. Experience the thrill of targeting these fierce fighters, whether you prefer the explosive strikes of pike, the cunning tactics of zander, or the acrobatic battles with perch.

Carp: For those seeking a different angling challenge, Patrick leads expeditions to waters where carp reign supreme. With patience and precision, master the art of fly fishing for these elusive giants, where every subtle presentation may lead to an epic battle.

Tailored Experiences: Patrick understands that every angler has unique preferences, and he tailors each experience accordingly. Whether you're a seasoned fly fisher or a novice eager to learn, he provides personalized guidance to ensure an enjoyable and educational adventure.

Scenic Locations: Explore picturesque Dutch landscapes as Patrick guides you to the finest fly fishing spots. From tranquil coastal flats to winding rivers and serene lakes, each location offers a backdrop of natural beauty that enhances the overall fly fishing experience.

Join Patrick on an unforgettable journey where the elegance of fly fishing meets the thrill of capturing a diverse array of species in the stunning waters of the Netherlands. Your adventure awaits, with every cast holding the potential for a memorable catch and a story to last a lifetime.

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