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Predator fishing guide in Amsterdam

Welcome to Amsterdam!. The capital of big water predators. 

Welcome to the dynamic world of predator fishing in Amsterdam, a city known for its iconic canals, historic charm, and a hidden realm of aquatic treasures waiting to be discovered.


Join us on an exhilarating adventure led by our expert guide, Patrick, as we explore the diverse waterways teeming with the likes of seabass, big pikes, zander, perch, catfish, and the elusive asp.

Patrick : An avid angler with an intimate knowledge of Amsterdam's waterways. Brings years of experience and a passion for predator fishing. As your guide, he ensures an unforgettable journey filled with excitement and the opportunity to reel in some impressive catches.






Predator Species:

  1. Seabass: Along the coastal areas and certain city canals, experience the thrill of hooking into powerful seabass, known for their aggressive strikes and acrobatic fights.

  2. Big Pikes: Venture into the city's lakes and expansive canals, where lurking beneath the waters are big pikes, masters of ambush hunting, ready to challenge even the most skilled anglers.

  3. Zander and Perch: The intricate river canals provide a perfect habitat for zander and perch, offering a test of finesse and strategy as you target these cunning predators.

  4. Catfish: For those seeking the ultimate angling adventure, Amsterdam's waterways are home to sizable catfish, known for their brute strength and formidable presence.

  5. Asp: Experience the excitement of pursuing the lively asp, a species known for its aggressive takes and powerful runs, adding a touch of variety to your predator fishing experience.


Diverse Fishing Locations: Whether you prefer the urban allure of city canals, the tranquility of river canals, or the expanses of Amsterdam's lakes, Patrick tailors the experience to your preferences. Each location provides a unique backdrop, from the historical cityscape to the serene countryside, creating an immersive fishing adventure.

Personalized Expeditions: Patrick understands that every angler is unique. Whether you're a seasoned predator fishing enthusiast or a novice eager to learn, he crafts personalized expeditions to match your skills and preferences, ensuring a rewarding and educational experience.


Join Us in Amsterdam: Embark on a predator fishing journey in the heart of Amsterdam, where the historic canals and vibrant city life intersect with the thrilling pursuit of formidable predators. With Patrick as your guide, every cast becomes an opportunity for adventure, and every catch holds the potential for a story to share.

Don't miss the chance to discover Amsterdam's hidden fishing gems and the diverse array of predator species that call these waters home. Your Amsterdam predator fishing experience awaits!

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